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Tips To Take Care of Your Car Exterior

It is exciting when you buy or lease a new car. With proper care, your vehicle will always look NEW! While most people focus on car maintenance, the aesthetics of the interior and exterior of your car is equally important regardless of whether you own your car or you lease it.  Regular care of your exterior will help maintain the car's value especially if you live in sunny spots of the country like Florida. Florida sunshine can do damage to your paint job due to excessive heat and sunshine.

Auto Direct South Florida Car Care Tips

Who doesn’t love the smell and appearance of a new car? The glistening of shine and quality paint on your car’s exterior. Living in the South with the heat makes it difficult to maintain that shiny new car look. Don’t worry, you can with our tips to take care of your car exterior.

1. Purchase a car cover for when you park your car outdoors and above all don’t forget to use it. While your car may be parked in the shade it is important to cover your car. Your paint job will be impacted by the hot sun and the heat. By purchasing a car cover and using it can help you maintain your shiny paint job. 

2. Keep your car clean and schedule regular car washes. Make it part of your routine. The longer that dirt, dead bugs and grime sit on your car, it becomes difficult to remove and can damage your paint. 

3. Never wash your car in direct sunlight and make sure the exterior is not hot. Washing a car with cold water and a warm to hot exterior could cause your paint and finish to crack. 

4. Make sure and dry your car after you wash it because air drying leave water spots and there are minerals in water that can destroy your paint job. 

5. If you want to maintain your shine and perfect paint rather than park in high traffic areas, avoid high traffic areas especially when you park. High traffic areas such as crosswalks, near traffic lights with a lot of movement including pedestrians should be avoided. As a result, you run the risk of dings due to other vehicles and people.


And there you have it Tips To Take Care of Your Car Exterior. Do you have any to add? We would love to hear.  

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